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Grissom Air Reserve Base Sponsorship Program
What are the benefits of being a Sponsor?
Product Sampling Opportunities
Face-to-Face contact with the Grissom Military Community.
Base-wide sporting events, picnics, kids events, club promotions, family programs, and holiday parties and entertainment.
Advertisement via e-media distributed across Grissom ARB.
Booth and Banner Display Opportunities.
Generate good will and build positive relationships by supporting the local civilian and military community.
We have a wide range of successful, proven tatics for implementing effective promotions which utilize both printed materials, dominate signage, and digital media. There are additional opprotunites for exhibits, tastings, and samplings in high traffic areas. Your logo and literature will be strategically positioned for effective distribution throughout the base community
Do you want to do more than jsut sponsoring a single event?
Do you want your brand presented to over 1,500 men & women of the armed forces on a monthly basis?
If this sounds like something your company might be interested in click here to learn more
Drive business through distribution of coupons and promotional materials.
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